Insurance Agent Marketing – Escape the Lead Avalanche

Leads. Every insurance agent needs an inflow of qualified insurance leads. No matter how big your current book of business, attrition will surely erode it. People move, pass away, or–heaven forbid–find another agent for their insurance needs.Of course, you know a key component of your insurance marketing plan must be the ongoing retention of your clients. It’s vital for you, as a top-producing insurance agent, to keep frequent contact with your current customer base.But, no matter how skilled your efforts at marketing insurance products to your customers, there is simply no way retention efforts alone can sustain a healthy agency’s growth incline.You need new clients.And that means you need to source insurance leads.Don’t fall into the trap so many insurance agents do–avalanche. Agents are extremely busy people. Like most salespeople, agents tend to prospect heavily and discover several new clients, then back off on the prospecting efforts.Avalanches tend to bury people. If a person feels inundated with new business to write, then it’s critical to keep prospecting.Yet this is just when many insurance agents stop prospecting altogether. The agent becomes buried under a snow of new business, and so makes the seemingly rational choice that a client in the hand is worth two in the bush; and so focuses exclusively on the new business.This is the avalanche trap. You’re buried with new business because you’ve been prospecting hard. But, you’re too busy to follow up leads. And the leads are piling up and you keep paying for more and pretty soon you simply stop buying the leads.And then you write all the current business and follow-up with the leads and at the end of the day you are just too busy to prospect.Avalanches bury agents alive…they think they have a good month based on sales, when in reality they let dozens of opportunities pass them by.But, as we’ll see in another article, right at the start of the avalanche is precisely when lead-generation systems must take over for you.